Short Sales

In House Short Sale Coordination at Little or No Cost to the Agent

The fee is included in the Title settlement charges. If the full amount is allowed by the bank, then there is no cost to the agent. If the fee gets reduced by the bank, it can be covered by the agent, buyer, or the seller. Our goal is to provide this service to you at no cost.
Download our Short Sale Brochure.
Download our Short Sale Packet.
Download our Short Sale Guide for Homeowners.
Download our Successful Short Sale Tips.
Short Sale Coordination Includes:
  • In house resource for any and all Short Sale questions.
  • Providing listing agent with short sale packet to be completed by the homeowner.
  • Send complete short sale packet to the bank(s).
  • Confirm with bank(s) that the packet has been received and is set up as an active short sale file.
  • Track any foreclosure sale date.
  • Email listing agent updates on the progress of the short sale file.
  • Rigorous follow-up to ensure that a negotiator has been assigned to the file.
  • Verify that the Value (BPO/Appraisal) has been ordered.
  • Follow-up to ensure that the Value has been received.
  • Once a contract to buy is received on the property, a Request for preliminary HUD from the title closer is made.
  • Request from the listing agent any additional documents requested by the bank(s).
  • Coordinate between bank and listing agent to arrive at an acceptable sales price and terms.
  • Receive approval letter(s).
Please contact Tana at 303.834.5855 with any questions.